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The Eternal Feminine International Art Exhibition

The goal of the Exhibition is to introduce modern artists and their works to a wide audience, presenting their works on the Eternal Feminine Theme; our aim is to highlight the theme through the arts and make it understandable for the general public.

Every year Art has been changing, time brings in new topics, but some specific themes keep topical and timely through centuries – Life, Love, Motherhood, Path of Soul. We see the human history as a reflection of the attitude to the Woman – the way it was looked at, glorified and admired by arts, trying to solve her divine and incomprehensible Mystery. Images and faces created by artists have always brought about harmony of appearance and character. A woman was made a Muse to inspire artists, painters, poets who created and did great things and sacrificed for her.

The main criteria for the selection (as well as on a competitive basis) is presence of a spiritual vector in an artist’ works. They need to reflect the religious world view of the author (in a broad sense). The Eternal Feminine is to be presented as an inherent and equal part of Lords’ Creation’ including Beauty, Purity, Love and all-embracing harmony.

We welcome to participate artists creative on various aspects of the Eternal Famininity idea: Heavenly Family (Heavenly Father, Heavenly Mother and The Son), Mother Goddess, Holy Dove, Holy Spirit, Sophia the Holy Wisdom, Virgin Maria, women in the Bible, sacral images within Christianity, the idea of Heaven and human Motherhood, spiritually inspired females portrayed, Pure soul images, upward ascension of the human spirit, the male and female harmony.

We are going to expose the items together with beautiful soundtracks, songs, poetry. At the same time we have scheduled to held lectures on the Theme.  All that is soul-touching to make the exhibition visitors moved and Heaven inspired. We expect them to gain new experience and senses, to feel the Heaven touch and discover the World of Sophia Holy Wisdom. All that is needed badly now, as the world today is not easy to live in.

We believe in connecting people based on timeless values, aspiration of the human spirit through the art, spiritual goal of life.

Exhibition Catalogue

Download link ( PDF, 27 Mb).

Photos of the opening

Photos of the opening the Eternal Feminine International Art Exhibition 24 nov 2019, Moscow

Feedback from visitors

Thanks to the “Eternal Feminine” Project for the opportunity to share my vision of the femininity and maternity with the audience!

Inessa Rouzhitskaya (an artist)

Nov 24 2019

The Mother Sophia and The Father have originated the sacred genealogy! Let the hearts fill with Hope, Faith and Love in Their Honor! My gratitude to the artists and organizers for such a Wonderful Spiritual Exhibition!

Andrey Ternov

Nov 24, 2019

I have been living within the space of the Maternal Love and Feminine surrounding from birth, and I do not want to lose that feeling of love. No matter what sins I commit, how low I sink, I’ll keep remembering that I am not alone. Thank you for giving people a chance to understand what the Feminine is like.

Daniil San’kov

Nov 24, 2019

What a wonderful exhibition! Magic Pictures! Delicate, beautiful exposition. Thank you!

Yulia Ivanova

Nov 24 2019

Congratulations on the Mother’s Day! And on the start of such a wonderful and essential project! Many thanks to the organizing team for the tremendous work they have done. Special thanks to the artists for the given opportunity to see extraordinary worlds and beauties. I thank all the people participating in the project for their courage. I have a feeling that the exhibition is the beginning – a certain “letter”, “a point” written to be followed by a long and interesting story! I wish you good fortune and strength!

Evgenia Troosh

Nov 24 2019

Today is one of the happiest days in my life! The Exhibition is amazing! The paintings, concert program, decoration – all that makes you feel the joy, happiness, flight, boundlessness and eternity… You feel touching something Glorious, The Eternal, the Truth, have a better understanding of the life sense and its high value! Thank you!

Irina Zagoruiko

Nov 24 2019

Many thanks to the organizing team of the Exhibition for the pleasure to see the exposition, listen to the interesting lecture and beautiful “Rus Project” singers voices. Special thanks to Agnessa Voskresenskaya.

Natalia Matviyenko

Nov 24 2019

My heartfelt thanks to the organizing team for such a wonderful celebration – soulful, glorious, delicate and wise! Regards from mothers and grandmothers!

Nov 24 2019

I congratulate wholeheartedly all the women on the Mother’s Day! I express my sincere gratitude to all the participants and artists of that excellent event. Special thanks to the organizers who managed to bring together the efforts of their team (those tireless cultural workers) in such a clever way. My warmest thanks to the “Rus Project” participants, who gave the audience a glorious pleasure! Many thanks to the leader of the high art group! God bless you all!

А.S. Hachatryan (Artemis)

Nov 24 2019
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